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Why Us

Enterprise Risk Management has become a specialized field and depending only on “ Insurance Minded ” to design your protection could be deadly!! An individual’s skill is no longer sufficient to manage risks. ERM today requires Engineering, Legal, Financial and Operational skills to be effective. The concept of risk needs to be integrated within the corporate culture, risk appetite identified, accurately assessed, constantly monitored and evaluated to ensure adequate protection, in the ever changing environment.

An effective risk management program requires the owners of enterprises to participate fully in insurance decisions. The Finance Heads also need to realize that they leave the organizations exposed to litigation if it is purely price related and all options have not been evaluated and a continuous system to improvise, adapt and monitor risk exposure is in place.

We, at Aryav Insurance Broking Private Limited, are constantly striving towards moving the decisions on an insurance program away from the focus on pricing and towards an evaluation and understanding of the “life changing” events affecting the survival of the enterprise. This process automatically involves the constant effort to move the insurance decisions to the owners of enterprises and ensure their full participation in insurance decisions.

We believe that over the past 15 years, we have developed a unique kind of expertise that could add value to the operations of an enterprise at every stage of their business life cycle. We are keen that more and more enterprises in India, should take advantage of this kind of expertise.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is a process of setting goals (For example buying a house/car, planning a vacation, child's education/marriage, retirement corpus etc), assessing income, assets, investments, expenditure and liabilities, estimating future financial needs, and making plans to achieve them.

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